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  • Over one billion people in the world today do not have access to clean drinking water

  • As a result of unclean drinking water, over 5,000 children die EACH DAY!

  • Your group can make a huge difference - literally saving lives - by spending just two hours making water filtration kits to provide clean water for people in a single village

  • Our goal with this program is to go village by village to help eradicate this worldwide problem


  • Whether you have us run a professionally facilitated team building program or whether you choose to run your own Water Works activity, your group will be donating emergency water filtration systems that will be matched one-for-one with larger household or school-wide systems.

  • The emergency systems are used in the event of flooding or earthquakes, where ground water becomes mixed with bacteria, and quick access to potable water is necessary.  The emergency systems are sent to problem areas whether they are in Africa or even locally in the US. In fact we sent emergency systems to Beaumont, Texas after Hurricane Harvey decimated their water supply in September 2017. And in October, we provided emergency systems to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

  • The household and school-wide systems are larger and not portable, and they provide clean drinking water to families in remote villages in Africa.

  • Our charity partner on the ground in Africa - Lifewater - builds and installs each household and school-wide system. We go one village at a time, so once we have enough sponsored systems to cover an entire village, Lifewater goes to that village and installs the systems in each house and school. Lifewater also educates recipients so they know how to keep their systems clean and useable for at least two years.​

Water Works in Africa
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