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We'll provide you with everything you need to create your own WATERWORKS event
  • We have designed the Water Works Program to be a highly flexible learning tool and can tailor the program to meet the needs and requirements of your company, school or organization. 

  • We will send you Emergency Water Filtration Kits along with instructions cards to ensure that your group builds them properly. The kits are designed for 3 to 5 people to work in each team. We will also provide a facilitator guide and contents on a USB to support you in running the session. 

  • Each Emergency Water Filtration Kit that you build is matched one for one with a household system that will be built and installed in a home in a village in Africa.

  • We will also provide you with an artwork slate and art supplies. Each team will create a piece of art and send us a photo of it. We will turn the artwork into stickers to be placed on the household systems when they are installed. 

  • A photo will be taken of each recipient family in Africa, along with their water filtration system clearly showing your artwork. After the systems are installed you will be able to log onto our website, enter in your team’s unique tracking number, and see the photo!

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